ScheduleCom OnDemand™ (SaaS)

ScheduleCom OnDemand™ provides for all the functionality of ScheduleCom™ but using the Software As A Service model to save you additional money and resources.

SaaS is the model that makes ScheduleCom™ affordable for everyone, no hardware, no telephony infrastructure and none of the headaches that come with maintaining these systems. You pay a monthly fee and you get secure access to your own ScheduleCom™ system along with an 800 number for your employees to call and retrieve their schedules and/or information.

Within ScheduleCom OnDemand™ you can have multiple scheduling locations to meet your particular scheduling needs. A full Role based permissions scheme so you decide what your users see and do is provided just as with the full ScheduleCom™ package.

The ScheduleCom OnDemand™ system is designed primarily for companies that want the convience of the SaaS model and that do not need to interface their ScheduleCom™ data with other proprietary onsite systems.